EC&I 831: Another course, another Couros…

The first week of classes are now but a memory. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down for my first Tuesday evening EC&I 831 class with Alec Couros, and now it is Monday and I haven’t done my “homework” for tomorrow’s session. Oh, the joys of life as a full-time teacher attempting to complete his graduate studies with two small boys under the age of three…

One of the topics Alec suggested we write about in our first class post was our perceived skill and knowledge level when it came to using social media. I must admit I thought I felt pretty good about my skills in this area until I took part in our first Elluminate session and couldn’t even get my microphone to work. Fortunately, I did manage to get my webcam up and running in the middle of Alec’s intro to the course which apparently wasn’t supposed to happen. Clearly I have a couple things to work on, though I am fortunate to have taken part in Alec’s crash course on social networking earlier this summer. I can appreciate the concerns many of my “classmates” expressed at the end of our first session regarding the technological overload they were dealing with. All I can say to them is that they are in good hands and that, though their brains will be hurting at the end of each class, it is a good kind of hurting. Looking forward to another great class tomorrow…


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