And so it begins…

On Thursday I received the long-awaited seal of approval from my district’s superintendent regarding my plan to pilot Google Apps. Strangely enough she had more important things to deal with but I’m thankful she found the time to review my proposal. However, the week I lost while awaiting her reply is going to complicate my implementation plan as I hope to have everything up and running by September 14th or so. Dare to dream I guess…

With that out of the way I embarked on my first attempt to register a domain name.  I thought this would be a relatively simple process and found a suitable domain name ( at Registration was easy enough, but I got hung up at the checkout as I kept getting errors saying I hadn’t set registered my domain with CIRA yet, even though I had. After spending about an hour getting nowhere (while in a summer masters course no less) I pulled the plug in order to resist the urge to throw my laptop through a window. That evening help arrived in the form of Peter Vogel, a valued member of my growing Twitter PLN. Peter spent some time offering tips and helped me get my domain name processed and paid for.

With my domain name registered and paid for I was FINALLY able to sign up for my Google Apps account.  My domain name synced up easily enough but now I have yet another hurdle to hop over. After registering I noticed my account was for Google Apps Standard Edition, not Education Edition.  I referred to Scott Meech’s blog for pointers and filled out Google’s request form for the switch from Standard to Education Edition and now I am playing the waiting game once more.

While I wait for Google to switch me to Google Apps Education Edition I intend to start creating student email addresses, class calendars, tomorrow. I am hopeful that all of this work will carry over in the eventual transfer to Education Edition and that I can begin to make serious progress in the next couple of days.


One response to “And so it begins…

  1. The Google project is ambitious. Good luck with it.

    Welcome to eci831. I will be attending virtually from Massachusetts, US.
    Dennis Richards

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