EDST499k – Day 5 Reflection: The End Has No End

Well, here we are at the end of an exciting and informative week with Alec Couros. I wrote yesterday that I am glad to be done my studies for a month, but I am going to miss coming to this class. This is usually not the way I am feeling at the conclusion of most of the classes I have taken during my education training so Alec should certainly take that as a big compliment!

Though I am now on vacation (well not quite, I still have to finish a nasty lit review for my previous class…)  I intend to use some of my time off to continue exploring many of the tools we learned about this week and of course continuing to work on my masters project. I’ve received some great feedback from yesterday’s blog and I hope I can link up with some of the people that offered words of wisdom at some point during the next few months. I intend to continue to use this blog to reflect on my efforts as I finish the next year of my studies and also to comment on whatever else comes up, be it ed-tech related or otherwise.

For anyone wondering, the video at the top of the blog doesn’t really have any great symbolic importance. I thought of the song today in class as I reflected on my own learning from this week while working on my Pecha Kucha presentation. I think the song’s title “The End Has No End” is appropriate because even though our class ended today our learning certainly did not. I know I will continue to work at learning new and exciting educational technologies and on building my PLN. Based on my discussions with my classmates I know they all intend to do the same.

Thanks again for a great week, Alec!


One response to “EDST499k – Day 5 Reflection: The End Has No End

  1. Dan, I followed your links to your Blog. Great! I would like to try something like Google Aps and Google.docs with my Middle school students. As I teach Gr 7 Math, Science and Art/drama, I think I will try something with Science first. But a possibility might me creating scripts. They could try collaborating with each other. I wonder if I would have the technological expertise to do this.

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