EDST 499k – Day 3 Reflection

Today Alec showed us a bunch more of his tools and how to use them. Several things stood out to me as being potentially very useful for me and my students. I’m just going to run through some of the tools I could see myself using and encouraging my students to use in their own projects.

Screencastle is a cool way to record visual and audio explanations of how to do basically anything on a computer. I could see this saving me from having to explain how to do things as mundane as attaching a doc to an email. It could also be useful for showing my students the basics in using some of the other tools we were introduced to today.

Wordle can be used to create “word clouds” which are cool visuals that can be done by simply pasting a piece of text (a story, a poem, an essay, whatever) into the site and then it spits out the visual. Pretty cool stuff…

I enjoyed today’s class a lot . I was truly engaged throughout our whole session and the three hours flew by. I envision students responding in a similar fashion after being introduced to these tools and then being given the option to work with them on their own projects.

Thursday July 30th – Well, apparently this didn’t post yesterday so I’ll throw it up here now.  Not sure what happened. Technology…


3 responses to “EDST 499k – Day 3 Reflection

  1. It sounds like you had a great time in class today. I love the fact that teachers get excited about what technology has to offer. When you have a great teacher who can provide practical classroom examples it really helps. Wordle is a favorite of many people. There are many sites out there that will give you even more ideas for wordle in the classroom.
    Just imagine your kids excitement when you bring this new tools to them. Good luck to you.


    • Thanks for the reply, Jill, and the great link to the blog with lots of ideas for using Wordle. Greatly appreciated!

  2. Some of this might be ammunition for your proposal.



    I shall keep searching for information. Just out of curiosity, do your students have email accounts already? I am working on a google workshop now for educators, so I will be happy to send you what I come across or projects I come up with. I am summersj on Twitter.

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