EDST 499k – Reflection on Day 2

Today’s session made my brain hurt. Not hurt in a bad hangover way and not hurt in a screaming baby kind of way. Hurt in a way like it had to work really, really hard. Like many of my classmates, I thought I knew a lot about the world of social networking and that I was pretty comfortable with my place in that world. Building on an analogy from one of my classmates, it felt like Alec opened up his garage to show me his tools and I expected to see  all these tools I had used a bit on my own or at least heard of. Instead, Alec opened up his garage and the tools came pouring out as if they had filled every square inch of his garage. Now I guess it is up to me to decide what tools I want to try to use and to try to figure out how to organize them in a fashion that makes sense to me. I don’t know if this is reflective or if it even makes sense. Here’s hoping…


One response to “EDST 499k – Reflection on Day 2

  1. Pick a few of Alec’s tools and employ them in your practice. The amount of applications & information in this digital world can be extremely overwhelming but the best advice is to take it all in stride. With time, practice & guideance you will determine which tools will best compliment your work.

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